Faucet Repair & Replacement

A leaking faucet can drain your water supply by as much as 4 gallons a day, costing you up to $20 a day in wasted water. Water dripping from a hot water faucet is even worse as you have to add the cost of heating the water, and your water heater will be heating water constantly. In addition it can leave unsightly stains in your sink or bath tub if left dripping for a long period of time.

The constant dripping sound can also drive you crazy. A faulty faucet could also whistle, scream or chatter when you turn them on and of. The faucet could also be connected to a spray hose or to a flexible hose.

Don’t ignore leaking faucets get them fixed before they get worse. We are happy to fix your dripping faucet or replace the whole fixture if need be. There are many beautiful fixtures that can really ad to the beauty of your room if you are looking to do a fixture upgrade. Whichever you decide we can help.

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